Addressing Fall Skin Concerns

by Oct 26, 2022

Addressing Fall Skin Concerns

1. Sensitivity: It’s not uncommon for people to experience sensitivity and redness during the cooler months. Try using ingredients that reduce redness, calm hypersensitive skin, reinforce the skin’s natural protective barrier and balance the skin’s microbiome.

2. Dehydration & Dryness: Dehydration is often experienced due to cooler weather. To address this concern, try treatments and products that help restore and nourish the skin. A physical exfoliant can be beneficial to add to a skin care regimen, which removes the outer layer of dead skin and helps allow for optimum absorption of products to the skin. *Try switching to a moisturizer with essential ingredients like ceramides and fatty acids. These ingredients are part of our skin barrier so using them will replenish your skin as the change in season tries to damage it.

3. Protection & Prevention: We must never forget the importance of protecting the skin all year round. This is just as important during winter as it is in the summer. UV is not just felt with heat, UVA rays (the deeper absorbing rays) penetrate through fog, cloud and glass, and is responsible for 90% of skin aging. So daily UV protection is essential.

4. At-Home Care: Did you know that 80% of skin results are a direct result from proper at-home skin care? Professional treatments are of course essential, as they accelerate results. However, committing to a personalized at-home program is important in order to maintain the results and overall skin health. We learned that it’s an 80/20 split that leads to incredible results with a skin care program. So, having an at-home regimen is crucial to the success of your skin health, as well as achieving your desired results. Be sure to revisit your at-home regimen with your aesthetician at the start of each season to ensure continued results are achieved.

Additional Tips
Consider keeping showers shorter and the water temperature cooler. Our skin all over our body is prone to dryness in the fall, so help it out by reducing exposure to harsh elements like a super hot shower and be sure to moisturize shortly after you step out.

Use a humidifier to help replace some of the humidity we lost from summer. This an easy way to boost our skin’s happy levels by keeping the air less dry in your home.

Drink water! While it has not really been proven that drinking water improves your skin, water is essential for keeping the body moving and getting rid of toxins in our bodies and skin. Not to mention, we have all seen how dehydration impacts our skin…so drink your 8 glasses! Keep a water bottle with you at all times and refill throughout the day.